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  • Trace Debtor -   My story starts in 2002 when I met a girl whom after a couple of dates regarded as my girlfriend and stupidly I helped financially. Soon after I was dumped and she moved house making it impossible at that time to find her to retrieve my money. I tried all the social media sites friends and family to help but to no avail. As the years passed I would go up to where she used to live to see if I could try and get information of her whereabouts but again dead end. On the 13th of August 2018 I decided to seek help from a private investigator and the first one I called was Lee at 3 pm. After a few texts passing between us up to 10 pm I was feeling confident in Lee’s quality to find this women. He came across very reliable , friendly and very professional this gave me great confidence in Lee finding her even though he told me with the sparse information I gave him it was looking 50/50. On the 14 th around 12.30 I gave Lee a courtesy call on any updates, he told me he’d found 5 possibilities eliminating 3, I was amazed at how quick he worked. 10 mins later he had found her plus A LOT MORE information about her I was shocked and speechless at his speed, quality of information and total professionalism. I applaud Lee with his work ethics I’m sure he put in more time than he charged me for. I would highly recommend him and I would work with him again if needed I will be keeping his contact details. Thank you so much Lee.  
  • Online Investigation -    I'm pleased. A very friendly service. AS
  • Surveillance -   Great service. Put my mind at ease. I had no trouble contacting you or the service you provided. Would use again if needed. All good. CF
  • Trace Debtor -   Really responsive. Lee provides updates throughout the process which was very reassuring. I'd definitely be contacting him again if i find myself in the situation again. Thanks Lee! Charmine Smikle
  • Online Investigation -   Did a good job for what we wanted. Chris Wilson
  • Surveillance -   Lee is an amazing person. Very professional in his job but also very considerate for individuals feelings. Can not rate this man enough. Definitely would go back. 5 star recommendation. Thank you Lee. G
  • Background Check -   I was really very happy that your team could help so quick and u answered all my questions and kept me updated. Would be lovely if I found out more but that's because there wasnt much more to find out. Brill service I would recommend to anyone. TH
  • Fraud Investigation -  Very helpful private investigator with quick response. I would definately recommend them if needed. They did a great job. Janet
  • Missing Person - The decision I made to hire a PI for the missing person search I needed had been something I’ve mulled over for almost 10 years and finally had the courage to do it. I didn’t expect it to take off immediately so when I got the phone call from Lee, who I must say was very polite, supportive and understanding of my situation, it suddenly just felt right. 
    Lee gave me all the advice I needed. Was very prompt and thorough and was ready to go when I was. Once I committed to my decision, so did he and was absolutely amazing. Always kept me abreast of his findings, asked questions when he needed to support his search and even when I felt I had limited information to give he always assured me it was fine and he would still do his best. Ultimately even though it didn’t turn out the way I had hoped I’m happy I tried and Lee didn’t disappoint, he even went above and beyond in his own time still in an attempt to succeed in my case and for that I am forever grateful. If you need a PI, Lee is your man. Committed dedicated and supportive. Prices are great too. I’m not totally done with my case but even now Lee has still been on hand to help. 

    Again, I thank you Lee. Candice
  • Missing Person - The service is excellent and I highly recommend using them. The company is awesome and will make your dreams come true!! In god we trust!! I'm so eternally grateful and blinded by your grace xxx  Emma 
  • Background Check - Surveillance - Absolutely fantastic with the service Lee provided. He went out of his way to help my daughter as much as possible and more. He was friendly cooperative and kept us up to date and was not very expensive. I would recommend Lee to everyone who needs a private investigator. Thank you Lee for all your help. 5 stars. PH
  • Missing Person - Sometimes love makes you do stupid things. Nowadays some people take advantage of you. Lee helped me to find someone who owed me money and also fine me peace of mind. I asked Lee for a background check and within 24 hours I got a result from him. In the future if I need his help I will call him again, maybe for more services. Thanks to Lee, he is the only person I can trust to investigate. Do not hesitate to contact him. He is very reliable, approachable and every service is worth it. Thank you Lee
  • Background Check - I did have a gut feeling about it all, however needed to know for myself for cetain so I can move on. Thank you for help in this matter, it is amazing how you have managed to get the information I needed. Good work. RB.
  • Romance Fraud - I found you to be sympathetic, understanding and non judgemental. Your prompt replies were kept in confidence and were welcomed in the sad revelations received. Your report was direct, appropriate to the queries acutely accurate and precise. They contained explainations which were clear and made meaning to me when I believed other lies from the fraudulent person. It provides me with clarity in the devastation of my errors having been scammed with 'Romantic fraud'. Your advice in my situation was helpful and clear and had it's links to proper protocols. The next step is gravely enormous for anyone like me because it reveals my stupidity to the world of sceptics who cast judgement on the victim before the perpertrator. It is unfortunately the world we live in. Your follow up support was indeed that Lee 'comfortingly supportive' and for this I thank you sincerely. May your business continue to florish and be successful and my prayer is that you will hopefully stop future victims before it is too late for them. - FJ


Although we are based in Warwickshire we cover the whole of the UK. 

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